Gray’s Project

Louis Gray CEO & Founder of the Gray’s Project Inc knocks out Professor Boxer Antonio Tarver…. yes that’s correct Mr. Gray knocked Tarver out!  His secret weapon… a mission to serve the needs of children and families in the central Florida and surrounding areas. Mr. Gray is teaming up with Antonio Tarver supporting and providing services to children and teens. Mr. Tarver is currently combating one of the most serious issues many students are facing today “bullying”, Mr. Tarver is compassionate to the needs of students and is currently supporting an anti bullying program.

The Gray’s Project inc. is very selective in the programs and organizations it supports and after meeting with Mr. Tarver , Mr. Gray puts his seal of approval and gives Tarver and his campaign full support.  Mr. Gray did not walk away empty handed, Tarver agrees to support Mr. Gray and the Gray’s Project Inc in their battle against injustice in the schools and decrease the gaps in academic performance.  The Gray’s Project Inc continues to provide services to local schools, organizations and students regardless of one;s ability to pay. The only organization that gives 100% of all donations and support to the community.

 Antonio Tarver (left) CEO and Founder Gray’s Project Inc (left)
Antonio Tarver (left) CEO and Founder Gray’s Project Inc (left)

Mr. Gray in the Mix at a local schoool. (Video Above)

Gray’s Project Inc. is currently accepting applications for volunteers, if you are seeking an internship (web-based /In-person) please contact the Gray’s Project Inc for more information. Wanting to give back to your local schools and community but do not know where to start, the Gray’s Project can help you get started.

Gray’s Project currently accepting donations, 100% of the proceeds go back to local schools and communities, accepting time, talents and monetary support.
Mr. Louis Gray (863) 510 7151
Personal Assistant to Mr. Gray Jessica Ramos (321) 348 8636

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