Technology Blog Education week

Follow technology trends and topics in K-12 education withEducation Week reporter Ben Herold.



EdTech Researcher

Justin Reich looks to bridge the gap between ed-tech researchers and educators and analyze how research in the field is influencing K-12 policy and practice.

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Education Futures: Emerging Trends and Technologies in K-12

Education professor Matthew Lynch chronicles promising new trends and technologies in the K-12 classroom.



Marketplace K-12

Associate Editor Sean Cavanagh and Staff Writer Michele Molnar explore the education industry, entrepreneurship, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.



Reimagining K-12

Matthew Greenfield and Tom Segal examine how innovative ideas, creative people, and marketplace trends are reshaping K-12 education.

Reimagining K-12 RSSTom SegalMatthew Greenfield


The Startup Blog: Ed Tech From the Ground Up

Startup entrepreneurs Adam Geller and Michele McKeone chart their efforts to launch and build ed-tech companies and describe the challenges they face in securing funding, finding customers, and growing their businesses.

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Vander Ark on Innovation

Tom Vander Ark analyzes the interrelationships between student needs and learning experiences and how schools innovate to meet those needs and improve those experiences, especially through the use of educational technology.

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