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Leadership games and icebreakers have become more important, not in the traditional sense of just facilitating icebreakers in a group scenario but also teaching valuable leadership techniques. They’re not just fun and awkward 10 minutes during a training session, but can become a bigger learning adventure than any subject matter that can be created.

Kickstart Cards

Opening Up Creativity

These training games open up creativity in three particular ways;

1. Putting groups of people in a creative environment stimulates personal innovation.

2. Stimulating creativity among two or more people help to bring an idea into reality.

3. Opening people up to new ideas and reality prompts people to grow and be creative with future endeavors.

Obviously the expectation isn’t that you completely transform the ways in which you teach and lead in one instance, but rather why not take an opportunity this year to do something different. Be creative and open your eyes to new possibilities in a team leadership environment.

So what are you doing to open up people and help them discover new ways to be creative in their leadership development? what steps can you take in the future to start to investigate clever ways to open up their minds? What types of successes have you had in the past with training games? I would love to hear your thoughts!




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James Baldock

James Baldock is Creator of Leadership Lime