The Gray’s Project

Hello Parents and students,

I want to extend a warm welcome to all the parents and students, welcoming you back to school. Even though classes are just getting started its important to start thinking about the resources available in your school and community. One resource that is often over looked is “homework help”. There are very few places that offer assistance to children, and often the assistance they do provide is limited or has fees associated with it. Parents due their best but often struggle with these additional costs. What can parents, or student;s do? There is just so much parents can assist with, and at times student’s just need a little more.

The mission of Gray’s Project inc is to assist students and families with the homework help they need to be successful.  Gray’s Project Inc is devoted to working with all families regardless of one’s financial status and ability to pay.  One may ask, how, or why? Well I’ll explain. Mr Louis Gray is a native of Florida. He grew up in the lake Mann area and has experienced hardship and knows what it is like to struggle. He has devoted is life to helping students in need. If you need help please visit the Gray’s Project website.

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