How Do Central Texts Fit into Perspectives

How Do Central Texts Fit into Perspectives? | Teaching Tolerance

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How Do Central Texts Fit into Perspectives?


Printer-friendly versionPrinter-friendly versionTexts are at the heart of the Perspectives curriculum. The Central Text Anthology is a carefully curated collection of rigorous texts that exemplify the domains of the Teaching Tolerance Anti-bias Framework (Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action) and meet the text-complexity requirements of the Common Core State Standards.

The texts in the Perspectives anthology were identified, analyzed and curated with several key criteria in mind. Students need opportunities to stretch their reading abilities but also to experience satisfaction and engagement while reading. Factors such as students’ motivation, knowledge and experiences must come into play in text selection. These selection factors are especially important as our nation’s classrooms become more diverse.

The Perspectives Central Text Anthology allows you to customize learning by selecting texts that anti-bias education pioneer Emily Style refers to as “windows” and “mirrors.”

“Education needs to enable the student to look through window frames in order to see the realities of others and into mirrors in order to see her/his own reality reflected,” Style asserts in her classic essay. “Knowledge of both types of framing is basic to a balanced education.”

Browse Perspectives texts for both windows and mirrors by filtering for grade level, text type (choose from informational literary, visual or multi-media), anti-bias domain, theme or lens. Select the text that best meets your instructional goals and learning targets.

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