Straight from UrbanEdGirl -what’s up with “ALL ABOUT EDUCATION”


“ALL ABOUT EDUCATION” is a blog that is devoted to providing information as well as educational resources for both students and educators. There is an abundance of information posted on this site. I cannot take credit for the information or resources posted available, much of it I found through research or other blog sites, in those cases I do my best to accredit the individual responsible for the material. Other times it is information I personally obtain through my education, experiences or through research, whatever it may be, it is all posted here, as a resource for you. My target audience is students and educators by I am pleased to assist anyone who is in need of any sort of educational material or resource, so please feel free to email or post an inquiry. The site is free, and no purchase is necessary. There are a few ads on the page which were posted to generate revenue for the site, but again it is not necessary for you to use them to gain access for any resource. I do ask if you were to use any of the services listed on the ads to please consider using the links provided, but please consider those links additional resources. The only ads posted on this site, will be ads promoting educational materials and resources, or money saving tools in obtaining those items. The site is not affiliated with any organization, even though posts may include names, or titles of individuals who may be. The site does not attempt to express an opinion nor does it have an agenda in doing so, the goal is to post information and for the reader to form their opinion based on the materials provided in addition to any other research one may do. I personally thank you for viewing the site, and I hope to continue to bring you helpful information that is relevant to the times in which we are living and experiencing. There will be occasions where I highlight a story and my intent is to highlight the in-differences in education especially when it comes to stratification. The Educational system within the United States is heavily influenced by society as well as governmental legislation, and the current state of education can be viewed from many different perspectives, and my goal is to increase awareness to the indifference which currently exist in education.

Current Ad and Great Resource for any online shoppers- Especially students & Educators who make textbook purchases on-line. Amazon has a program/service – Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime does have costs associated with opening an account, but “All About Education”  is promoting the Amazon Prime Student Account which offers free services to students for six months. A full six months free. The reason is offer is so great is the benefits that are associated with opening an AMAZON Prime Account (Student). The student account provides all the benefits of unlimited video and music streaming, plus free 2 days shipping on all purchases. This offer is good for six months and what a great time to start using- around the holidays, but it is also a great resource for students and educators who purchases resources online, through Amazon. Please use the links provided on the site for more information.

Upcoming “2015 Be Smart, Get Educated Campaign”

The “Be Smart, Get Educated Campaign” is an effort to encourage individuals to start school or return to school after a break in education. All About Education will be kicking off soon, please check back for more information!

“2015” is your year to get educated! Whether you are a new student or returning student it is time to get educated, and achieve your educational goals. Why wait any longer? If you are interested in pursuing a training program, 2015 is your year!

All about Education will be bringing you some helpful resources about attending college, applying for scholarship, choosing a school, college or training programs and how to ensure the institution you attend is truly accredited. Please check back later this month. Be Smart, Get Educated!

Happy Holidays and looking forward to a great next year.

Thank you


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