The Affluent Ghetto


The Affluent Ghetto is a project in progress started by Jessica Ramos focusing on social justice within urban education highlighting the disparities within education, especially in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods predominantly seen in areas of color.  Our goal is to close the gap in achievement, bringing opportunities to students so they can have the tools for success.  The Affluent Ghetto believes awareness is the first step in facilitating change.  We want to personally thank CEO/Founder Louis Gray of the Gray’s Project for his continued support and collaboration.   Mr. Gray is known for being selective and only endorses organizations he has verified and is familiar with.

The Affluent Ghetto is a new project but has made some great strides for its presence in the community and with local families within the central Florida area.  The Affluent Ghetto will continue to work with the Gray’s Project and their mission of one child at a time.